Getting Access

Click uses MSU NetID login and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Access is granted to current faculty, staff, and students.

Other individuals who require access will need to request access as a Click Affiliate. This includes new faculty who have not yet started at MSU, students who are not currently enrolled (e.g. not taking summer classes), and external (non-MSU) researchers. See the sections below for additional information before requesting access as a Click Affiliate.

How to Obtain Access as a Click Affiliate

Follow the steps below to obtain access as a Click Affiliate; please note that not all steps may apply (e.g. if you already have a NetID). The process to obtain a NetID and/or to obtain access to Click through an Access Request form as a Click Affiliate may take several weeks, depending on volume.

Once access is granted to Click as a Click Affiliate, an individual can log in and then can be added to the study with the ability to view or edit the study.

  • Complete the Michigan State University Institutional Data Policy Acknowledgement Form

    The individual who needs access to MSU online systems will need to read the MSU Institutional Data Policy (IDP) and sign the IDP Acknowledgement form. The responsibility for training and oversight of the IDP lies with individual MSU units. The individual should work with their department, college, or administrative unit to complete this form. More information at:

  • Obtain a NetID
    If an external (non-MSU) team member will require log in access to Click, a NetID will need to be obtained by the sponsoring department through the MSU ID Office. Please visit the MSU ID Office website for information on how to obtain a NetID. 
  • Activate NetID and Establish Multi-Factor Authentication
    Once a NetID is obtained, the external team member will need to activate the NetID and establish MFA access by registering a credential. Learn more here:
  • Submit an Access Request Form

    A department can request access to Click by completing an Access Request form. The request should come from the department of the individual who needs access. Once the request is completed, it will be routed to the requestor’s department, security contact or department head for signature.

    1. Log in to the Access Management page.

    2. There is a list of Access Request Forms. Scroll to the bottom to find the "Default Form." Select the "Request" button for the Default Form.

    3. Search for the user that needs access and Add User. Please note that the user who needs access to log into Click will need to have a NetID.

      1. Enter the user name into the User Search field. 

      2. Select the "Search" button to find the individual.

      3. A drop down list will appear under the User Search field - find the individual who needs access in the drop down list and click on their name. This will select the individual and populate the fields (MSU Username, Name, Organization Name).

      4. Select the "Add User" button.  

    4. Complete the "Description of Requested Access" field.

      1. Indicate that the user needs the Click Affiliate role.

      2. Indicate that access to the following group is needed: CampusAD group MSU.SG.ORA.CLICK.AFFILIATE.USERS

    5. Complete the "Business Need/Comments" field.

      1. Indicate which module the user needs to access:

        • Click IACUC module

        • Click IRB module

        • Click Safety module
      2. Explain why the user needs access to Click.

    6. Select the checkbox acknowledging the MSU Institutional Data Policy. For more information, please review the "Complete the Michigan State University Institutional Data Policy Acknowledgement Form" section above.

    7. If you would like to check the form, select the "Check Form" button.

    8. Once complete, select the "Submit Access Request" button.

    Please note that after the request is approved, it may take 1-2 weeks before the individual is able to access Click.