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  • New User - basic navigation, enrolling in courses (adding a track) ...
  • Managers - assigning training, changing team members list,...
  • Trainer tasks - adding calendar events, recording completions...
  • DEI - suggestions and contacts for the required online courses
  • EHS - Environmental Health & Safety training for labs, WPS, respirator fit-testing, site-specific training etc.
  • RCR - requirements, CITI instructions (login), recording group training info, and more
  • RVSM - frequent questions and tips for SARV & Bystander workshops and online courses
  • Student Holds - The Ability system helpdesk cannot remove holds or update your training records for RVSM or DEI training
  • - contact the Ability team weekdays for technical help, general questions, special access to use the system, assistance with reports, merging accounts, etc.