New Training Requests

The Ability LMS excels at compliance training:

  • training to provide job skills and knowledge to improve compliance with regulations, policies, and best practices
  • training that is required prior to conducting certain activities, before using certain equipment or software system, to conduct at-risk activites, to reduce liability, ...
  • periodic refresher training (needing automated email reminders of due dates)
  • programs that allow selecting a course/s from from several options
  • programs that require pre-requisite course/s in order to enroll
  • reports on current training compliance status

Course types: self-paced online courses, scheduled classroom instruction, zoom webinars, hands-on, or competency-based coaching, in-unit professional development.

We consider requests to host online on-demand courses and on-going scheduled webinar or classroom training and hybrid training. We consider requests to host courses purchased or licensed through a vendor. At this time, we are unable to provide course design or development services except to CDM, EHS, and HRPP. 

Requesting units are expected to have conducted a performance problem analysis and/or training needs assessment.