MSU’s Environmental Health & Safety has approved the use of AVMA-PLIT courses for students and clinicians.

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Accessing the AVMA-PLIT Training

  • New User Registration

    self register button

    Use the Self Register option provided at https://avmaplitsafety.com/msu-vetmed/.

    Complete fields as indicated below, then click Register Your Account.

    AVMA registration

  • Log In

    Avma LOGIN

    Enter your NetID@msu.edu and password you set when registering.

    Password Retreival: AVMA-PLIT recently switched training systems. Previous passwords were reset. To retrieve a password for an account created prior to November 2019, use the Lost your password? link provided on the AVMA-PLIT site under the Log In button.

    Lost password

  • Launch Training

    Once registered (or logged in), click the Dashboard to view available courses.

    Dashboard link

  • Proof of Training

    AVMA-PLIT System

    AVMA-PLIT recently switched to a new training system. Transcripts completed prior to November 2019 may not appear in your profile. Request previous records by contacting support@s2learning.com.

    MSU's System (Ability LMS)

    Your AVMA-PLIT training completion records are imported into the regulatory training system periodically. MSU is working with the vendor to set up a regular, scheduled feed.


support@s2learning.com or ORRS.train@msu.edu