CITI Program

MSU's license with CITI Programs provides access to RCR, export controls, clinical research, data security, and animal care training.

Employees and Students

For best results, login using your netID and password using MSU's single-sign-on process. Login and important instructions available at (sharepoint).

Non-MSU Learners

Affiliates of an MSU project or Henry Ford collaboration who do not have an MSU online access account can register for a personal CITI account at

Training Subjects 

Several compliance programs require CITI Program training completion including RCR and FCOI. Visit for instruction for your situation. 

CITI records import into MSU's Ability system

Use Email. Using the login button on this site automatically ensures your group completions are imported weekly into MSU's system. Otherwise, you must update a previously set-up CITI account with your email as your preferred primary email. Other variants (e.g., will not work.

Modules that you complete in CITI will be imported into Ability LMS weekly. 

Note that your module completions are not released for import into MSU's training system until you have completed all required modules in that group. See frequently asked questions at (Sharepoint).

CITI completion records are transferred to other MSU systems (e.g. SIS, KR) regularly. Contact the administering unit if you are not getting credit for your CITI completions after reviewing the Sharepoint FAQ for CITI Program.