Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct (aka RVSM, SARV)

  • Supervisors and HR staff do NOT need to assign this training to new employees.
  • Employees do NOT need to add any RVSM track.
    Wait for instructions from for when and where to begin your training.
    The HR onboarding checklist does not update from the Ability training compliance system and is not the official record of your completion.
  • Employees require refresher training every two years.
  • Students require refresher training every year.
  • For assistance with this program, direct the learner to the Frequently Asked Questions which includes suggestions, screenshots, and course contact for additional assistance -

The Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy (RVSM) training program is automatically assigned to new employees based on a rather complex formula determined by the Prevention, Outreach, and Education (POE) unit in collaboration with MSU's central IT Services.