Report Types

Type Report Description Recommended Report
Track Status

Individuals' status in assigned learning tracks.

Includes learner/employee name, learning track name, track status (complete/incomplete)

Supervisors: Learning Track Status by Learner
Example (image)

CO/Admins: Learning Track Status by Track
Example (image)

Track Progress

Individuals' status in assigned learning tracks, with detailed status of each course within the track.

Includes learner/employee name, learning track ID and name, track status (complete/incomplete), course ID and name, course completion status (complete/incomplete). Helpful to run large groups from Grid format (see below) and create an Excel table to further filter and sort. 

Learning Track Progress by Learner
Example (image)
Excel Table Steps (image)

Complete training history (course completion records).

Includes learner name, course name, completion date.

Supervisors: Training History by Learner
Example (image)

CO/Admins: Training History by Course
Example (image)


Review the difference between a course and track to determine the best type of report for your need.

Filtering Data

By default, reports include all learners, tracks, and courses the user has access to view. To constrain results, use filters.

Reports recommended for compliance officers/admins in the table above allow filters to be applied prior to running the report. Pre-filter Options (JPG)

While viewing any report, you can choose to edit the current filter (if applicable), create a new filter, or select a saved filter.

Ability lMS screenshot of report filter options

Configure Report Filter

  • Filter On - Set Criteria

    Data Item

    Select the data item(s) you want to filter on, such as course ID, track ID, learner flexigroup. Learner flexigroups, created by Ability administrators, provide powerful, flexible options for grouping learners. Use flexigroups to filter by employee department or student program code, among others.


    Select the appropriate operator for the desired results

    • EQUALS for an exact match (e.g. exact course ID, track ID, learner NetID)
    • CONTAINS for partial text string (e.g. "Bloodborne" to include all courses with titles containing "Bloodborne)
    • BETWEEN can be used for a date range of course completion dates or track assignment dates

    screenshot setting report filter in Ability

  • Sort By
    Select data item(s) for sorting the report results (optional).
  • Output Style and Format - Set Columns


    Select "Grid" to display the report without header/summary rows, helpful if exporting to Excel.


    Compliance officers have access to additional report columns, such as supervisor, job title, and department. To display additional columns, under Output Style and Format select the "Grid" output style and the format ending in "Detailed Grid."

    detailed grid report option

  • Confirm
    Name the report, if you would like to save it for future use. Leave name blank to run as temporary filter.

Saving/Printing Reports

Use the printer icon or Excel icon if you want to save or share the results. 

Ability LMS screenshot of report output options


Tips for Excel  

  • Warning when opening Excel file

    When opening the Excel file, you can click Yes to "the file format and extension..." message:

    Excel extension error message


  • Sorting

    Before sorting columns, you must remove any merge fields. Typically, the last row is merged. Either delete the last row or use the Unmerge function.

    unmerge options in Excel

Request Access to Reports

See available options for viewing large data sets. If Ability is the best reporting option, see Administrator Access.