Course versus Track

Courses (outside of learning tracks) can be taken when training does not need to be tracked -- typically optional or just a temporary or one-time only need. For a student, this could be a course in radiation safety if they’re taking a related college course, or for staff, it could be a course in Data Security. Course records are permanent and reflect history. 

Learning Tracks, which are comprised of one or more courses, are designed to assist with updating and status reporting for audiences that are required to do training for their role, responsibilities, or expected exposure to risk. Tracks should be assigned when compliance reporting and overdue/expiration notifications are required to ensure compliance. Tracks can be added or removed from a person at any time without affecting that person’s training history (aka Transcripts). Some learning tracks get automatically assigned to people based on specific criteria (job title, manager, department, academic major). Track assignment and status is conditional and thus only a snapshot of compliance. 

If you are uncertain whether some training you have been asked to complete should be taken from within a learning track, or if you can just take a course, please ask the person who requested that you take the training. 

  • You access your Tracks from your Requirements tile.
  • You can access your required Courses under each track.
  • You can access records of past Course activity from your Transcript tile.
  • Managers can view both a Track tab and a tab of Course History for each person in their team. 
  • Links to launch individual courses are often available, as are links to enroll in a track. 

Contact your manager or the helpdesk if you need to have a track removed because your position has changed.