Handling Exceptions to Required Training

When a learner is granted an exception from assigned training, the training program owner is responsible for documenting the exception in Ability. Entering exceptions requires familiarity with managing course completion records in Ability.

Options for Exceptions

  • Learner has completed equivalent training - Add alternate course record to learner history.


    • learner completed equivalent training from another institution
    • learner was provided with alternate training due to accommodation need, poor internet connection, or other challenge to completing standard course

    Method: Enter a record of completion for an alternate, equivalent course. 

    When adding an alternate training record:

    • Set Status ID = Finished
    • Set Status Date = Training Date
    • Set Completion Status = Requirement Met
    • Upload Documentation, if available

    Enter alternate course info in pop-up window shown

    Many courses have an alternate course created in Ability when the standard course is created. For example, HT-2410-WBT Alternative HIPAA Training is an alternate course to the standard HT-2408-WBT HIPAA Privacy Overview. If you need an alternate course created for your program, contact the Ability help desk.

  • Learner is exempted from required training - Add waiver record to learner history.


    • auto-assignment criteria includes learner who is not required to complete training
    • employee is off work for an extended period of time

    Method: If training IS NOT overdue/expired, waive using check mark on Track Status tab

    Go to learner's Track Status tab and click the check mark next to the relevant course in the track. Follow to prompts to quickly add a waiver record for the current date to the learner's history.

    screenshot showing waiver functionality in Ability LMS

    Method: If training IS overdue/expired, add history record with Waived status

    Go into the learner's History tab and add a history record for the course. When adding a waiver history record:

    • Set Status Date = Current Date
    • Set Status ID = Waived
    • Set Pass/Fail Status = NA
    • Upload Documentation, if available

    Note: this method works for occasional exceptions to the assignment rule. If a large percentage of learners need waivers, consider adjusting the auto-assignment criteria or using manual assignment instead of auto-assignment.

Thoroughly and Accurately Documenting the Exception

Documentation of any alternate training or waiver creates a history record in Ability, which can be edited like any other training history record. Document exceptions accurately and thoroughly for future audits; however, do not include health-related information or other confidential/sensitive data on history records.

  • Supporting Documents
    When adding an alternate training or waiver record, attach a supporting document if available, such as a certificate of completion from another institution or a note about why the exception was granted.
  • Audit Log

    On the history record's Properties tab, an Audit Log field is available to enter details about a training exception, useful when no documentation is available to attach.

    Guidelines for Audit Log:

    • Avoid using special characters such as &% or quotes. Copy/pasting from another program can unexpectedly add hidden special characters.
    • Do not delete any existing notes. Append new notes below existing text.
    • Include the date and your netID with your note.
  • Expiration Dates

    Expiration dates for alternate training and waivers typically correspond to the default expiry period for the standard course, e.g. 

    • a waiver for a course with a 2-year expiration date will expire in 2 years
    • an alternate training record for a course with no expiration date will never expire

    If a learner is granted a temporary exception and will be required to retrain on a specific future date, edit the History Expiry Date on the history record to reflect the accurate expiration date. When the expiration date approaches, the learner will receive reminders to complete training.

The Ability team may be able to assist with exceptions, particularly if the program owner has published a policy.