Monday Morning Report

Ability LMS sends you a weekly, compiled Monday Manager Report including:

  • Expired and/or overdue training for your team members and yourself
  • Training due within the week for your team members and yourself

Only training assigned through learning tracks will be included on your report. You will not receive a report if your team does not have any expired/expiring learning tracks. 

Sample Report

Screenshot showing Report Type column on Monday Manager Reports

Proxies note an exception: If your report includes people from another group's list (e.g. proxy to PI, admin viewing organization employees, student major group), you will see those people listed as Report Type A. Check the Learner Employment tab of the person to see the originating supervisor-subordinate relationship. Go to People > look up the learner, click the Learner's Employment tab(image). HR types must be changed in EBS.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • What should I do with the report information? Can I update the info?

    Reports notify you of urgent issues. The report highlights potential non-compliance. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring their team members complete required training. As long as the training requirement is still applicable, we recommend forwarding a reminder to your team member to complete the training.

    Supervisors know best what work each team member is conducting.

    If your team members or the training assigned to your team members needs to be corrected, please see options below.

  • How do I remove a person from my list? What is "Report Type"?

    Someone is listed on your report because a) they are on your People/team list AND b) they have urgent training issues.

    If the person is no longer reporting to you, check the Report Type column to determine the source of each team member's assignment to your training team.

    • HR indicates that you are on record in MSU Human Resources (EBS) as the person's supervisor. To remove an HR team member, ask your unit Human Resources administrator to update EBS (change person's supervisor or terminate position). 
    • A (ad hoc) indicates that a team member is assigned to you only in the training system. To remove ad hoc team members, contact

    Note: If you are monitoring training compliance for any group other than your own team (proxy for another Principal Investigator's team, students in an academic unit, employees with a given job title), the individuals in that group are considered your Ad-hoc team members.

    For more information on training teams, see the Manager page.

    If the person's role had changed and no longer needs that training, read in the next FAQ below.

  • Why am I notified of training that does not apply to me?

    People at MSU often hold multiple roles including student and employee, and sometimes they work at multiple positions in multiple units. Sometimes people do not update their training requirements when they move to new positions. 

    If the training is not required for a team member's position with you:

    1. Check with the team member to see if they need the training for another position or academic role.

    2b. If yes: ignore the alert that does not apply to your work. (The person's other supervisor or academic program administrator will also be notified.)

    Training requirements can differ between roles or can often overlap. A person's risks and responsibilities drive what training is required by regulation, MSU policy, best practice, or other standard.

  • Does my employee have to complete training if on leave or furlough?

    Federal employment laws (29 CFR 785.27) generally forbid employers from requiring employees or potential employees from completing training without compensation. Employees who are furloughed, on maternity leave, sick leave, vacation or between on-call/temporary work assignments can wait until they return to work or be paid while they complete training.

    As a supervisor, you may ignore notifications or reports for people who are temporarily off-work until they return. If the employee will be off for an extended time and the reminders are causing problems, you can usually remove tracks for job-safety related training. For other programs that are auto-assigned, you can reach out to the training program owner to see if the training can be waived temporarily. The program owners will decide based on their resources to maintain waiver lists.

  • Where can I get more information?

    Log in and view system status at:

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