Proxy Access

Requesting Proxy/Admin Access

Ability LMS users can be granted access to monitor training for any group defined in the system

  • Employees in a specified supervisor/principal investigator’s team
  • Employees in a specified department or with a specific job title
  • Students in a specified academic program

Email to set this up. If requesting access to view a specified supervisor’s team, the supervisor must be copied on the request.

Update Team Members, as Proxy

Any individual not reporting to you in MSU HR will be displayed in Ability as your Ad-hoc team member. View the person's detailed supervisor assignments under their Learner Employment tab.

  • 1. Determine "Report Type"

    Go to Manager Menu > People > search for and select person > click Learner Employment tab > check Report Type column

    Screenshot from Ability LMS showing a team member's Learner Employment information

  • 2a. Update an "HR" Report Type

    Report Type = HR indicates that the supervisor is on record in MSU Human Resources (EBS) as the person's supervisor.

    To update HR team members, a Unit Human Resources Administrator must update EBS.

  • 2b. Update an "A" Report Type

    Report Type = A indicates that a team member is assigned to the supervisor only in Ability LMS.

    To update ad-hoc team members, contact the help desk at ORRS.train@msu.eduPlease note your proxy access when contacting the helpdesk for changes to ad-hoc teams. It is important for the proxy to name the supervisor whose team is being changed. Include the manager's netID or copy the manager in the email.