About Ability

The Ability training includes both scheduled instructor-led training and online courses. The system allows for assignment of required training for compliance tracking, email reminders, and reports upon demand. The compliance training system is used by many programs that require training for MSU employees, students, and non-MSU affiliates. Essentially all of the MSU community accesses some type of training in Ability. Click below to explore details.

Ability Statistics 2013-2022

Some of the rise in training numbers can be attributed to hosting new programs and increased federal requirements for tracking training.

  • Request Use of Training Data

    Currently Connected Systems

    Training-related data is imported from some vendors and transferred between several systems on campus by accessing training records for compliance status or course history records in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (Data transfer schedules) or through API such as used by the Registar to block access if lacking compliance. 

    Request Use of Ability LMS or Training Data

    The compliance training system is a resource for ensuring important training be completed on schedule and in accordance with regulations, MSU policy, and other best practices. 

    • Accessing large sets of training data - Reports and other types of system access
    • In-person delivery of existing courses - Contact the program owner or subject trainer directly or contact ORRS.train@msu.edu or 517-884-4600 for information
    • Creation of new training or migration of training into AbilityLMS - Submit request form (docx). Approval requires documentation of learning objectives, assessment of learning, and is weighed against other priorities and available resources. See also New Training Requests
  • Request Hosting Service

    The ORRS training compliance system (AbilityLMS) licensing allows for all employees, students, FPID holders, and guests affiliated with MSU to schedule, delivery, complete, and report on training.   

    More information on the process: