System Interfaces & Data Transfer Schedules

Training data is transferred between the following other MSU systems the following schedules. Contact the helpdesk for more details including exceptions. 


  • No feed currently. FPID, GuestID, and offline Ability accounts must be created manually in AbilityLMS. FPID and GuestID accounts are created when the learner first logs into AbilityLMS. Accounts are periodically batch inactivated.

AVMA-PLIT import

  • Thursday pm each week typically, ORRS imports completion records from vendor AVMA-PLIT vendor into Ability LMS.

CITI Programs import

  • Thursday pm each week typically, ORRS imports completion records from vendor CITI Programs directly into Ability LMS. Note, only those people using as their email address will have records imported. Only those CITI groups/courses with all modules completed are on the feed. 

Click Compliance

  • Nightly imported from LMS EDW tables. Combined with the nightly EDW download, this can result in a 48 hour delay. 

EBS (Human Resources)

  • Nightly import of employee records from EDW into Ability LMS. Creates new accounts, inactivates training accounts for terminated employees, updates job titles and supervisor relationships. Employee information that is in MSU’s HR database on any given day before 8PM will be in the LMS the next day by 3AM. See also Getting Access for additional options.

EDW download 

  • Week Night (except on MSU holidays) download of current Track status and course completion records from AbilityLMS to two EDW tables.


  • Weekly import of current PHS investigator list from EDW to assign/unassign FCOI track. Assuming KR data is downloaded nightly, 24-48 hour cycle (typically Tuesday morning).
  • The import of current NSF and USDA investigators list to assign/unassign RCR - NSF & USDA-NIFA is typically done once per year or upon request. 
  • OSP-SPA imports FCOI training track status from Ability LMS EDW tables based on their own schedule. 

Campus Solutions (SISCS)

  • Nightly import of student records from EDW into Ability LMS. See limitations on account activations at Getting Access. Creates new accounts, inactivates training accounts for students based upon a formula that considers graduation date, current enrollment and last enrollment. Also updates major code. Student accounts are active if the student is enrolled in at least one course in any semester of the current academic year. The new academic year activations start generally on August 1. This is slightly ahead of the actual academic calendar to allow time for notification and completion of training that is required prior to the start of the Fall semester.
  • Student assignments to RVSM & DEI training programs are based on files created based on semester from SISCS tables. Currently, assignments are based on Spring enrollment. Change to Summer student enrollment file will occur about mid-May.  
  • Daily feed from EDW and an application to provide immediate (<15 minutes) refresh of query for SARV/Bystander/RVSM/DEI completion and release block on student grades.